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There is nothing quite like a border collie.  They are affectionate, energetic and super intelligent — sometimes a little too intelligent!  I know of border collies that can open doors, cabinets, refrigerators . . . the list goes on.

The dog featured in this blog is Chase and he has achieved Champion Trick Dog status.  He truly is amazing, as is his mom who has trained him.   In just a quick 20 minute pet photography session, Chase did so many adorable things!  He can bow, wave, pray, hide his face, play peekaboo, and do the usual sit, stay, down, and stand.  He was a joy to photograph.  🙂

border collie bowing on gray background

Chase bowing

border collie waving on gray background


border collie headshot on gray background

A more serene headshot.

border collie standing on gray background

Someone is on the move!

border collie smiling on gray background

Look at those pearly whites!

border collie lying on gray background

Last pose for the session.

Chase wasn’t always this easy-going.  When he was first rescued from a local animal shelter, his behaviors were so bad that his owners returned him. He destroyed a spare bedroom and bit his adoptive parents.  With the help of an excellent, compassionate trainer and owners who refused to give up on him, Chase has become the dog he is today.  Read part one of his journey here Dangerous Chase Part I.

Chase and his owner Debbie have been through some rough times.  Many of us who have rescued the pets in our lives wonder “who rescued whom?”  Was Chase rescued or was it his mom?   Who Rescued Whom?

After learning better behaviors at home, it was time to see how Chase would be with other dogs.  His mom knew that There’s a good dog in there!

Time to practice your manners, Chase!  Let’s go to the zoo!

As usual with dog training, you should expect a few setbacks.  Chase at the Courthouse

Fast forward five years.  What progress!  Don’t give up!

Chase’s mom sent us some photos from home.  Chase is just too much!  It took a team effort to save this amazing dog but I think two beings were saved in the process.  Hooray for Chase and his mom!

border collie with award

Someone is bashful.

border collie with Staples Easy button

Showing off the Touch command on the Staples Easy button. You make it look easy Chase!

border collie holding a carnation

The Hold it command. Many dogs would have eaten the flower.

border collie covering his eyes

No peeking Chase!

border collie playing peek-a-boo

The Peek-a-Boo command.

border collie praying

Chase praying before bedtime. Good dog.

Chase has his own Facebook page.  If you’d like to see more of him, click here for Chase’s Dog Tricks.

Thinking about your dog becoming a Trick Dog?

Teach your dog 10 easy dog tricks with Zak George

Is a border collie the right breed for you?

Rescue a border collie!available-dogs/c1l1j



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