profile of black mouth cur mix on navy blue background

Meet Cody.  He is a three year old Black Mouth Cur mix and is also an Austin Pets Alive! alumni.  He’s a stunner!  He obviously arrived to our studio in full makeup.  Look at his eyeliner!   He is very well-trained and was a lot of fun to photograph.

This is Cody’s first photo from the session.  You could tell that he’s not quite sure what to make of the whole thing.  Just look at his lip!  Too cute!

black mouth cur mix sitting on navy blue background

This photo reminds me of what children do when they are told to say “cheese” for the camera.  You get the frozen smile with the gritted teeth.

headshot of black mouth cur mix on navy blue background

Now Cody is getting into it!  Here is his over the shoulder look.  Love that white tipped tail, Cody!

black mouth cur mix on navy blue background looking over shoulder

Someone appears to be enjoying himself!

black mouth cur mix standing on navy blue background

Cody sat, stayed, stood, smiled and went into a down perfectly.  What an amazing dog he is!

black mouth cur mix lying on navy blue background

Cody wasn’t always so well-trained.  He was an owner-surrender at the Austin Animal Center and stayed there for a few months.  Finally he was adopted but he was returned two days later because of resource guarding issues with his new family’s other dog.  He was marked as unadoptable and scheduled to be euthanized.  Thankfully, Austin Pets Alive! stepped in and found a foster home for him.  He is now living with his forever family and loves to play, especially with his little human brother.

black mouth cur mix on navy blue background with tennis ball

Cody also thoroughly enjoys walks . . . and whipping around his leash.

black mouth cur mix playing with leash

He also loves lying on his back and batting his toys with his paws.  His family reports that he might be part kitten.  🙂


We’re guessing that Cody either doesn’t like hats or pirates.   To see more images of this cutie, check out his Instagram!  And, if you’ve fallen in love with Cody’s look and are considering a Black Mouth Cur of your own, check this link to see if this is the right kind of dog for you.


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One Response to Cody, the Black Mouth Cur Mix

  1. Laurie davis says:

    Cody is a beautiful representation of the cur breed. Very photogenic. Kudos to Austin based fido-photography!

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