black and white chihuahua looking up on pink background

If there is any dog deserving of some royal treatment, it is Tiffany. And she found it with her foster mom, Jennifer!

black and white chihuahua profile on pink background

Tiffany came into Jennifer’s life on Februrary 17, 2015, as a hospice foster from Austin Pets Alive! She had been turned in as a stray to the Austin Animal Center and was there for about a month. She could not keep any food down and no one could determine what was wrong with her. She was put on the euthanasia list but APA! came in and rescued her. Jennifer took her on as a hospice foster and was told that Tiffany didn’t have much time left. She was never spayed, had a hernia, severe heart worms, a cherry eye, very long nails and luxating patellas in her back knees. She also had a hole in her ear as if she had been tagged. Sounds like the victim of a puppy mill to me.

black and white chihuahua standing on pink

black and white chihuahua standing on pink background

Jennifer had to hand feed Tiffany chicken and rice for several months. It was the only thing that she could keep down. Eventually she was able to try several different types of food with Tiffany and determined that she could handle raw meat made specifically for pets.  Her daily diet now consists of that along with a banana each morning. She also enjoys carrots, goats’ milk and yogurt.

Tiffany began to get stronger and stronger, despite the fact that she has chronic bronchitis and her heart and lungs were full of adult heartworms. At one point she was on 10 different medications and a nebulizer 3-4 times per day. Now she is just on three different medications and only uses her nebulizer as needed. Way to beat the odds, Tiffany and Jennifer!

black and white chihuahua standing on cushion on pink background

Yes, Tiffany, you may be on the furniture.

Tiffany is a rat terrier/chihuahua mix who is estimated to be about nine years old. She loves to go shopping with her mom and hang out in her dog bag at local restaurants when Jennifer goes out with her friends. She is definitely a mama’s girl. I think both of these girls deserve something in a little blue box. 🙂

black and white chihuahua licking on pink background

Tiffany only kisses the people that she loves. She’s only kissed a few people, but her mom? Her mom gets kisses all the time!

black and white chihuahua on pink background

Someone still has some spunk left!

For more information regarding puppy mills, check out the links below.

SPCA of Texas: Know Puppy Mills: The Truth Behind the Cute
An overview of puppy mills by the Humane Society

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  1. Christina says:

    Love! Bless these rescuers!

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