headshot of black mixed breed dog on gray background

Hard to believe that this beautiful dog started out looking like this.

brady baby

Brady, who used to be called Barnum, definitely had a rough start in life.  He arrived at Austin Pets Alive! with his sister Bailey in the winter of 2015.   Both dogs suffered from demodex mange, which is why Brady looks like he was losing his hair in the photo above.  Sadly, the dogs’ previous owners thought that the best way to treat mange was with motor oil.  Both dogs arrived at the shelter covered in it.

Not only did Brady have demodex mange, he also had a mass on his paw.  Brady, aka the Wounded Warrior as affectionately named by his grandfather, seemed to have the odds stacked against him.  Thankfully, Austin Pets Alive! took care of removing the mass on his paw and found him a loving foster home with Krissy.  Brady was just five months old when he came to live with Krissy, conehead and all.  Poor little guy!

After just one month of living with Krissy, she fell in love with Brady and couldn’t let him go.  I’m sure that this is one thing in which Krissy is glad she failed!

black mixed breed dog looking up on gray background

Brady looking lovingly at his mom.

Brady now spends his days going to work with Krissy. He gets to hang out with two resident English bulldogs, Bob Costas and Billie Jean King. (How much fun are those names?!) Brady enjoys running laps in the backyard while Bob stands still trying to snatch Brady as he runs by. Billie Jean just looks on.
Brady also enjoys chasing squirrels and birds in the yard and even the occasional butterfly. His mom reports that no animals nor insects have ever been harmed by Brady. He’s just too sweet of a soul to do that. 🙂

black mixed breed dog on gray background

side profile of black mixed breed dog on gray background

Would this dog hurt a fly . . . or even a butterfly? Absolutely not!

Brady was the perfect gentleman during his photo session.  He sat, he went into a down, looked to the left and to the right and even gave a good  yawn!

Triptych of a Dog

Thanks for stopping by the studio Brady.  We had a great time with you!

mixed breed catching a tennis ball in studio

If you are in love with Brady’s collar like we are, go get your dog one!  Dog and Bone is home grown here in Austin, Texas, and ships nationwide.

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2 Responses to Brady . . . Wounded Warrior no more

  1. Sandy says:

    Krissy has done a beautiful job of nurturing Brady back to health! She is so kind, loving, giving and loyal to her special dog. I am so proud of you!!!

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