black and white greyhound looking happy

Breeze is very pleased to meet you as evidenced from the above photo. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I had the pleasure of photographing her¬†recently, and she was very, very sweet. ¬†Hard to believe that a beautiful girl like her is seeking her forever home, but she is. ¬†Thankfully she has a wonderful foster family with whom she is residing currently, but she would much rather be in a home of her own. ¬†Perhaps yours?

black and white greyhound profile

Breeze looking lovingly at her foster mom.

black and white greyhound standing straight on

A more serious side of Breeze.

black and white greyhound looking over her shoulder

A stunning over the shoulder look from Breeze.

Breeze has a strong prey drive as all greyhounds do. ¬†I’ve found that my usual tricks for getting dogs to look at the camera don’t work with this breed. ¬†They are sighthounds and generally aren’t interested in my barking, meowing, whistling and other odd noises that work for most¬†dogs. ¬†Breeze was interested in a feathered cat toy ¬†on a wand that her foster mom was holding. ¬†Really interested. ¬†Like, it was gone in two seconds. ¬†She obviously felt very badly about doing that.

black and white greyhound looking apologetic

I’m sorry!

After the incident with the cat toy, we tried some bubbles with Breeze. ¬†She wasn’t overly excited about¬†them. ¬†However, we soon found something in which she had interest. ¬†Another dog. ¬†His name is Bo, an Italian greyhound. ¬† There is a canvas of him hanging in the studio and Breeze spotted it and got all googly eyed.

black and white greyhound listening

Someone’s in love.


black and white italian greyhound on grey background


Breeze really couldn’t resist Bo. ¬†She had to meet him. ¬†Her foster mom and I watched her looking at him and then suddenly she launched for the wall. ¬†She really did. ¬†Paws on the canvas. ¬†It was true love.

black and white greyhound smiling

Sadly, I believe this love will go unrequited as Bo resides in Pennsylvania, and Breeze is in Texas.  Oddly enough, Bo is originally from a rescue in Texas.   Perhaps their paths had crossed earlier and Breeze recognized him.   Maybe a long distance love affair is in the works.  Who knows?

black and white greyhound standing

So, to anyone interested in providing a forever home for Breeze, I suggest that you remove any animal art from your walls and put away any feathered cat toys you may have about.   For more information on Breeze, please contact Greyhound Pets of America-Central Texas.

black and white greyhound tongue out

I’m ready to find my forever home!


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  1. Breeze is so beautiful!!!

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