brindle greyhound profile on blue background

Bud IS great! I had the pleasure of photographing him at a fundraiser for Roxy Reading Therapy Dogs, a group he supports and highly recommends. More on them next week! 🙂


April is Adopt a Greyhound month, and if you haven’t spent much time with this breed of dog, you should!  Greyhounds are a very calm and gentle breed, and are perfect for apartment living and hot weather — hello Austin, Texas!   There are many, many retired racing dogs waiting to be adopted. Just contact your local greyhound rescue, like Greyhound Pets of America- Central Texas, for one.

brindle greyhound on blue background

brindle greyhound standing to side on blue background

brindle greyhound standing on blue background

Bud was born on May 1, 2015, so he is just shy of 11 years old. He raced under the name FTK Orient Express for 3 years until he was retired at that age. His racing career started in Florida and ended at a track in Seabrook, New Hampshire, which thankfully no longer exists. He was adopted right off the track, so he needed to be potty trained since he had never seen the inside of a house before. Typically at the track, greyhounds spend 20+ hours a day in their kennels, so they are on very strict eating, racing and potty schedules. His adoptive parents had to essentially “re-program him.”


Bud getting some much deserved love from his mom.


Loving some well-deserved freedom.


Hooray for the holidays!

Bud has a very warm, calm demeanor and is very friendly.  Like most greyhounds, Bud spends the majority of his time sleeping, which is ironic, considering that the first three years of his life were spent running. Bud was cat tested before he was adopted, and he is great with cats, which is not typical of greyhounds because of their high prey drive. He actually lives with three cats with whom he spends a lot of time.


Much better than the cramped quarters in which he spent the first three years of his life.


Happy to share the view with his feline friend.

Because of his wonderful personality, Bud became a therapy dog only one year after he was adopted. He has been a therapy dog for eight years now, and visits children in schools and helps them practice their reading skills by having them read to him. He also visits children who are victims of violent crime and helps them deal with their emotional trauma. Everyone who meets him comments on what a sweet, gentle soul he is.



One of Bud’s favorite pastimes — volunteering for Roxy Reading!

For more information on greyhounds and to learn how you can help eradicate greyhound racing, please visit the following links:

brindle greyhound headshot on blue background

brindle greyhound smiling on blue background

Oh those ears!

brindle greyhound sniffing his mom

Bud getting a little love from his mama. 🙂

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