photographs of chickens in studio on bright colors

Chickens?!  In the studio?!  You betcha!  We had a great time photographing each and every chicken you’ll see in this post, AND learned a lot in the process.   Who would have thought these feathered friends would be so popular here in Austin?  We moved from Pennsylvania just a few months ago where chickens are not quite as popular there as they are here.   Actually, it’s probably safe to say that they’re not very popular there at all.  We’ve photographed dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes, turtles, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, and ferrets (oh my!) in our studio, but never chickens.  Boy, were we missing out!

Did you know that the 8th Annual Funky Chicken Coop Tour is coming up this Saturday?  We thought it would be great fun to showcase some of the chickens you might meet on the tour.

Meet Big Mama, a black Australorp.  Love the shot of her hiding her face!black australorp on yellow backgroundNext was Sassafras, a Golden Sex Link.  She’s got some great Big Bird feet!  golden sex link chicken on teal background

Nugget, a Buff Orpington, was rather vocal during her session.  buff orpington chicken on teal background

Fluffalo and Chick Fury arrived next.   Fluffalo is an Ameraucana and must have felt she needed to preen and primp before any more photos were taken.  Chick Fury is a cuckoo marans and she was rather talkative too.   She suggests you listen to a little Rufus Thomas in the background as you continue reading.  Do the Funky Chicken

ameraucana chicken on purple backgroundcuckoo marans chicken on red background

Patty Mayonnaise came in next.  She is a Polish Top Hat and seemed to be very interested in what was behind her — although she had a unique way of looking.

polish top hat chicken on teal background

Johnny and Gouda arrived together.  Johnny is an adorable Belgian D’Uccle rooster.   He was a busy little dude strutting his stuff while he was here.  Perhaps he was trying to show off for Gouda. She is also an Ameraucana like Fluffalo.  She was not impressed with Johnny’s antics as she prefers the strong, silent type.

belgian d'uccle rooster on purple backgroundameraucana chicken on red backgroundAnd then there’s Burnadette.   She is an interesting bird, isn’t she?  She is what’s called a Turken, or Naked Neck.  She is very, very sweet.

turken chicken on yellow background

Not sure who wins for the best headress category — Patty Mayonnaise or Phyllis Diller!  Phyllis is a mottled Houdan and is quite stunning.

mottled houdan chicken on red background

This adorable little guy came in with his sisters Opel and Pearl, but he stole the show.  Meet Blue!  He is a blue bantam d’Anvers rooster and we just love the shot of him seemingly seeing his feet for the first time.

blue bantam d'anvers rooster on purple background

Last but not least is Pancho, a Partridge Coachin. Isn’t he awesome?  He started his session with some stretching, let out a few cock-a-doodle-doos and kept looking for an escape route.

patridge coachin rooster on purple background
We hope you join us on the tour on Saturday and meet some of these fine feathered friends.   You may purchase your tickets ahead of time or come out on the day of the event.  Click here for tickets

chickens on bright colored background in studio

chickens on bright colored background in studio

If for some reason you can’t make it on Saturday, at least get inspired to build your own coop here.  21 Dreamy Chicken Coops

And, in answer to your burning question  Do Different Chicken Egg Colors Taste Different?

See ya on the tour!  🙂







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