three horses running

Let’s Run!

Horses.  I am in awe of them.  There’s something about how their hair shines in the light and their manes and tails blow in the breeze.  We started off this photography session capturing images of each horse individually in the field.  We got the standard conformation shots (which I didn’t include in this post as I prefer the more artistic images) and then moved on to some detail shots.  Wrangler, Max and Shiner were typical horses — more interested in grazing than in looking into the camera.

horses grazing

Despite their love of greens, we we were able to get some beautiful images.

horse eye with mane

one horse looking left

horse eye

horse flank

After photographing each horse individually, we brought all three horses in to the field together.  I didn’t know what to expect — actually I expected more grazing — but I got lucky and got this shot.  🙂

horses nuzzling

Nothing like a good nuzzle.

We let the horses continue to do their own thing, and by “we” I mean The Team.  You need a wrangler and someone to get the horses’ attention if you want those ears up.   We pulled out all the stops — apples, carrots, bags to crumple, feed buckets, iPhones with horse sounds.   Thanks, Team!  🙂

black and white horse head

Wrangler looking majestic

closeup of horse face

Turning oh so perfectly into the light.

horse mane

What a beautiful color. Rather ombre — wonder if horses started this trend?

The sun was starting to set and I really wanted to get some shots of the horses running.  We let em rip.  So gorgeous!

three horses running in sepia

two horses running with one human

Three pairs of legs!

The next two shots didn’t fit into the story, but I can’t resist sharing them.  The horse always wins.

horse with motorcycle

Wrangler racing the motorcycle.

It’s hard work being a model.  Max is ready for bed.

horse with eyes closed

Nap time.

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