pit bull sitting and smiling on turquoise background

Meet Jenny from the block, also known as JenJen and Jenny-mum. If you live in South Austin, you just might see her around town as she loves to go for neighborhood walks with her human brother. She also loves to go to the off-leash trail with her mom at Mary Moore Searight Park and makes friends with every dog she meets.

You may have noticed that Jenny has probably given birth a few times. No one knows her history prior to her arrival at Austin Pets Alive! but she was probably crated excessively and used as a breeder. Her vet thinks that she’s had way too many puppies for a dog her age.

Jenny was living with an APA! foster mom and her foster fur-siblings when her new mom was looking for a dog. They still see each other and even get together for sleepovers when Jenny’s family has to go out of town. 🙂


Jenny’s mom said that Jenny had probably never played with toys before coming to live with them. When the family presented them to her, she did not know what to do with them, which broke their hearts. We got out the bubbles while Jenny was in the studio and at first she wasn’t too sure of them, but she was intrigued.

pit bull with bubbles on turquoise background

pit bull catching bubbles on turquoise background

pit bull sniffing bubble on turquoise background

Jenny is a momma’s girl. Her mom owns Quirk + Thrift and works from home making cool upcycled accessories and home goods. Jenny supervises from the couch between naps.


If you are thinking about adding a canine addition to your family, please don’t overlook the pit bulls at your local shelter. The vast majority of them are very sweet dogs and deserve a better life than what they’ve often been given.

pit bull lying down on turquoise background

pit bull chewing on ball on turquoise background

pit bull looking up on turquoise background

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  1. Christina says:

    What a happy ending!

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