coton de tulear blowing in the wind

Weeeee! It’s windy! Hold on tight, Carlye Rose!

If you’ve been following our blog, we’ve been showcasing this little white dog for the past several Thursdays.  We’ve had the pleasure of photographing her for six years now.  Meet Carlye Rose and her lovely parents.  🙂

The images you’ll see are from her fourth birthday.  By this point, Carlye’s parents felt that we could take Carlye to another location away from the confines of her home and yard.  We opted for the grounds of the Fine Arts Center of Montgomery County Community College  in Blue Bell, PA.  It is a gorgeous location with many great opportunities for photos as you’ll see soon.

The images were used to make Carlye’s coffee table book.  Each year her mom gets one to document Carlye’s growth.  What a great idea!

coton de tulear with her human mom

Love these two! 🙂

coton de tulear sitting in grass

It’s a great day for a photo shoot!

coton de tulear in ornamental grasses

Carlye Rose playing peek a boo in the ornamental grass

coton de tulear on a blanket outside

Princesses like Carlye always bring their blankies

coton de tulear ears getting scratched

Nothing like a good ear scratch from Dad

coton de tulear sniffing flowers

Stopping to smell the . . . impatiens.

coton de tulear with her parents

Proud parents!

coton de tulear sitting on rock ledge

Sitting pretty, Carlye Rose!

coton de tulear profile

And a side view 🙂

coton de tulear sitting in front of sculpture

Happy, happy Carlye!

coton de tulear sniffing sculpture

Stopping to smell the . . . sculpture?!

coton de tulear sitting in a sculpture

Perfect placement, Carlye Rose!

coton de tulear chasing a ball

Someone needed a break from all that posing!

coton de tulear amidst steel sculpture

Love how Carlye Rose is framed by the sculpture!

Carlye was starting to get tired, so we headed back to her house for a break.  There was still time  to do a few more photos inside.

coton de tulear kissing human mom

Kisses for Mom!

coton de tulear with her dad in living room

Dad, come get it!

coton de tulear running in living room

Weeeee! Chase me, Mom!

coton de tulear tired on floor

Time for my nap!

See you next week for Carlye’s fifth birthday!  🙂

If you’re new to us and enjoyed this blog and would like to see Carlye from each birthday, here are links:

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