coton de tulear against green leaves

We’re titling this blog post Little White Dog, Take One, because we will be blogging about this pup for the next six weeks as part of our Thursday Throwback series. We have been photographing Carlye Rose for her birthday for the past six years! And, even though we are now in Austin, Texas, and Carlye lives in Pennsylvania, we are still going to be her photographer. We can’t be more excited! 🙂

Carlye is a Coton de Tulear. We had never photographed this breed before as they are somewhat rare.   Cotons are described as playful and happy go-lucky. Carlye Rose definitely is! She greeted us at her door with the usual barking, but then proceeded to race about the house with excitement.

Since she was still young and liked to explore, we decided to hold her first photo session in and around her home. She stopped to smell the roses, or rather the petunias, and played some hide and seek around the weeping cedar. Too cute!

coton de tulear smelling flowers

Stopping to smell the petunias

coton de tutelar looking to the side

coton de tutelar with flowers at her home

coton de tulear on hind legs

A classic Coton pose.

coton de tulear peeking around evergreen


Carlye Rose was born in the summer and it’s always been hot for her birthday, so we decided to finish her session inside. We played chase in the living room and captured some fun, playful images. Her parents wanted some photographs of them snuggling with her as well.  You can tell Princess Carlye is very much loved and adored.

coton de tulear in a photo session at her home

coton de tulear in a photo session at her home

coton de tulear closeup

That face!

coton de tulear full body shot

coton de tulear with human parents

coton de tulear with human dad

coton de tulear with human mom

Pure joy!

Cotons were brought to America in the seventies from Madagascar, where they are considered the national dog. Their name is French — coton indicating the cotton-like hair of this breed and de Tulear indicating the city in Madagascar where many royal families lived with this breed.

Interestingly, the Coton was not recognized by the AKC until 2014. There are some groups who do not wish to be affiliated with the AKC and have formed their own clubs. Feel free to explore more of that through the links below. We’re just going to continue to love this little dog. Carlye Rose agrees and gives two paws up! She’ll be back next Thursday!

coton de tulear with paws up

Two paws up!

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2 Responses to Little White Dog, Take One

  1. Benny says:

    You know what? I can’t. I can’t look each of the picture without a smile on my face. It just that I feel all the love on each photo and I can see that Carlye really is a darling to the camera. I can see that she can pose well or did you guys have a hard time making her stand still during a certain pose? Haha. Thank you for showing this and sharing this. Keep them coming!

    • Jane says:

      Caryle really is a darling. We’ve been photographing her for years, and over time, she has become quite the model. 🙂

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