coton de tulear lying on redwood deck

This post is part three of a six part series featuring Carlye Rose, an adorable Coton de Tulear.   Each year I have the pleasure of photographing Carlye for her birthday.  What a great way to document the changes and growth that each year brings!  The images in this post were created to make a coffee table book.  The captions will guide you along.

We started outside.  Carlye Rose just loves to pose!

coton de tulear in front of lilies and japanese maple

Let’s get started, Carlye!

coton de tulear with her parents outside

Carlye getting a pep talk from her mom.

coton de tulear lying down looking up

Love the lines in this shot!

coton de tulear side view of face

The thinking dog.

coton de tulear sitting up on her deck

Such a happy girl!

coton de tulear with her human mom outside

These two are inseparable.

coton de tulear in a photo session on her mom's lap

Wonder what she’s thinking?

coton de tulear lying on her deck

The perfect poser.

coton de tulear closeup

Hey! Watcha doin’ up there?

Carlye Rose lives the good life.  I’m pretty sure she considers herself royalty and her parents are her loyal subjects.  This is one dog who definitely is doted on — as she should be!  Dogs bring so much joy into our lives.  Where would we be without them?

coton de tulear lying on a lawn chair

Princess Carlye Rose looking rather regal in her chair.

coton de tulear sitting on a chair outside

Princess Carlye getting ready to address her royal subjects.

coton de tulear closeup profile

Nose just slightly tilted up. She is a princess after all! Or, maybe there is the smell of treats in the air.

coton de tulear lying on a chair outside

Mom, can we do something else, please?

At this point, Carlye had had enough of sitting on her chair, and we wanted to do something a little more unique.  Carlye’s mom had seen the project I had been working on with dogs’ at their owners’ feet (Fidos and Footwear), so it was time to break out the shoes!  Dad joined in too!  What fun!

coton de tulear sitting by her parents' feet

At her royal subjects’ feet.

coton de tulear lying down by mom's feet

Someone is getting tired already. Time for a break!

Carlye’s birthday is in July and it’s always been rather warm for her sessions.  This year wasn’t any different from the first two years.  She let us know it was time to head inside.  Her living room is gorgeously decorated with beautiful artwork and lots of purple accents.  It’s really a fun place to play and pose!

coton de tulear in front of artwork

Little White Dog next to a very big piece of art.

coton de tulear in her living room

Love the color in Carlye’s house!

coton de tulear on a purple sofa

This piece is titled Coton on the Couch.

coton de tulear with her dad

Lovin’ on her dad.

coton de tulear with her mom

And we can’t forget mom!

coton de tulear napping

This modeling stuff is exhausting.

See you next week for Take Four!  If you’re falling in love with this breed, here are some helpful links to see if this dog is right for you.

United States of America Coton de Tulear Club

Coton Rescue

North American Coton Association  There’s a show coming up in Texas at the end of May!

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