coton de tulear lying on black

Take Two, featuring Carlye Rose!

If you’re new to our blog, we’re in the middle of a  Throwback Thursday series featuring this adorable little white dog because we’ve been photographing her for the past six years for her birthday.  This post is about our second photo session with this cutie pie!  🙂

We started off with some shots on a black background.  Love the contrast of her white fur against the black!

closeup of coton de tulear

Happy happy Carlye!

coton de tulear lying on black blanket

coton de tulear closeup of face

Someone needs a nap already!

Carlye’s mom LOVES purple, so we switched up the background color and took some photos of just Carlye and then with the two of them.  We had to include Lamb Chop, of course!

coton de tulear with Lamb Chop

Loving on Lamb Chop!

coton de tulear sitting with Lamb Chop

coton de tulear with her human mom

Looking over at dad watching. 🙂

coton de tulear with her mom lying down closeup of coton de tulear and her human mom

Carlye truly prefers being outside where she can roam, so we went out on the deck next and played there a bit.

coton de tulear on deck outside against railing coton de tulear lying on deck outside coton de tulear sitting on deck outside

Carlye’s session was just about finished.  She had places to see and people to meet, of course!  We got a few shots in on the way to her getting into the car.

coton de tulear running in grass

Love the wind in her fur!

coton de tulear with flowers

coton de tulear next to her car

Where are we headed today?

Every dog loves car rides and Carlye Rose is no exception.  She loves the wind in her hair and prefers to take the convertible of course.  I’m sure a stop to her favorite store was made that day.

See you next week for Take Three with Carlye Rose!

coton de tulear with human parents in car

Nothing better than riding with the top down!

coton de tulear with human mom in car

Dog is my co-pilot!

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