black labrador mixed breed black and white headshot

Luna, also known as Lu Bear, is one of the most perfectly behaved dogs I have ever met.  Luna looks like a Labrador Retriever, or at least a Lab mix, but she didn’t act like one in the studio.  She was calm, focused, and obeyed her commands.  I love Labs — don’t get me wrong, but oftentimes, in my studio at least, they are very busy dogs.  🙂

Luna was busy — busy posing! Her mom had wanted a teal colored background and I only had a short roll of it in stock. Ordinarily I use a nine foot wide roll of paper for my dog photography sessions, but I was out of that color in that width. Luna sat, stayed, and did a down all on a four foot wide piece of seamless paper. She was amazing.

black labrador mixed breed on teal background

black labrador mixed breed sitting on teal background

black labrador mixed breed profile long shot on teal background

black labrador mixed breed lying on teal background

If I had met Luna two years ago, I might not have thought she was so amazing.  Luna is an alumni of Austin Pets Alive! and she had been through two failed adoptions when her now forever mom took her in as a foster after a storm in September 2014.  She was definitely jumpy and excitable, as many one year old dogs are, but she wasn’t untrainable.  She just hadn’t been trained . . . yet.

closeup of black labrador mixed breed on teal background

Even though Luna was very serious during her photography session, her mom reports that she does some pretty silly things.  Things like throwing the ball for herself if no one will play with her and stuffing her toys under the couch and then whining until someone fishes them out.  She chases bugs but never catches them.  Jelly beans?  She LOVES jelly beans!  She loves to carry and throw them around, but she doesn’t love to eat them.  Silly Luna!black labrador mixed breed profile on teal background

Luna’s mom knew she’s be keeping her after Luna had escaped out of the back yard accidentally only to come scratch at the front door to be let in.  She was staying.  Looks like third time’s a charm for Luna.  🙂

black labrador mixed breed headshot profile on teal background

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