Is this my good side? How about this one? Maybe a head tilt?

I’ve spent a LOT of time at shelters photographing their adoptables.  Animals aren’t the easiest subjects to photograph in the first place, and when they’ve been dropped off at shelters and are upset and confused, it doesn’t make the situation any better.  I still thoroughly enjoy myself though and am hopeful that my efforts will find the animals good homes quickly.

I am amazed at animals’ resiliency and their willingness to trust people.  Some of them have been through horrific events and yet they still give unconditional love.  I am equally amazed with the people who work at shelters day in and day out.  It is not an easy job, and they are definitely not in it for the money.  I love animals, but I know that I could not do their job.  I would never be able to separate from it and leave work at work.  I have a feeling that many of them can’t either.

The images below are photographs captured from just one shelter (Griffin Pond Animal Shelter in Clarks Summit, PA) that I worked with before moving to Austin.  Thankfully the vast majority of these fur babies have been adopted.  If you have any spare time, please consider volunteering at your local shelter or with a rescue.  There are dogs to be walked, ears to be scratched, photos to snap, and plenty of poop to scoop.  If you are really really busy and just can’t squeeze one more thing into your day, at least crosspost one photo a day.  It just might make a difference.

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