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Okay, maybe this adorable little guy isn’t my cousin, but I’d sure like him to be!  With his boyish good looks and his devilish charm, Vinny is hard to resist.  Vinny, aka Vincent and Vincenzo, is an alumni of Austin Pets Alive!   This kitty is just three years old and is the baby of the family.

black cat looking to the side on black background

Vincent was found by a good Samaritan and brought to APA!  He was initially diagnosed with FIV, anemia, possible kidney disease and neurological deficits.  That didn’t deter Katy, his foster mom, from taking him in.  After having him for only one month, Katy couldn’t part with Vinny, and she adopted him.  Another foster failure!  Yay!  Thankfully, Vinny’s medical issues have stabilized and he does not have kidney disease, nor any neurological impairments.   He is FIV positive, but that doesn’t stop him.  He enjoys annoying his older kitty sister and other fosters that Katy has raised in her home.   For more information on FIV, click here.


You might have noticed that Vinny’s pupils appear to be very large.  It was first thought that he was blind because his eyes are constantly dilated.  His doesn’t have perfect vision, but he can find his food bowl!

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One of Vinny’s quirky habits is that he likes to hang out in the bathroom.  He spent his first four months recuperating there and that has become his safe space . . . when the dreaded vacuum cleaner makes an appearance!

Another one of his quirks is that he loves sweet potatoes — so much so that he will steal them off your plate!  Apparently he prefers them mashed as opposed to baked or even fried.  Vinny has his own hashtag by the way.  #vincethecat


Vinny is not a very busy kitty due to his medical issues.  You’ll most likely find him napping and soaking up some sun puddles.


You may also find him wearing costumes!  Modeling isn’t his favorite thing but he indulges his mom and is a good sport.



Thinking about adopting a cat?  Consider adopting one that is black like Vinny.  This site provides excellent reasons to do so:  Top 10 reasons for adopting a black cat.  We particularly like numbers 7 and 9.

black cat sitting on black background

Ciao Vinny!  We love you sweetie!  🙂

Interested in becoming a foster parent for APA?  Find out more here.

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