beagle chihuahua mix in copper pot on olive colored background

What do you get when you cross a chihuahua with a beagle?  A dog that looks like Ellie!  Isn’t she cute?

beagle chihuahua mix standing on olive colored background

Ellie is three years old and was adopted from Austin Pets Alive! on October 13, 2015.  Her mom knew it was love at first sight when Ellie sat in her lap and licked her face when she visited the shelter.  How could she not take this dog home?

close up of beagle chihuahua mix on olive colored background

Ellie enjoys going for daily walks with her mom and dad and spends the first 10 minutes sniffing every single flower she comes across.  She also is a big fan of Zilker Park and enjoys making friends there.

beagle chihuahua mix looking over her shoulder on olive colored background

Ellie’s mom reports that Ellie enjoys car rides and always gets to ride in the front — whether there is an additional passenger there or not!  Ellie is a short little thing and prefers to be on someone’s lap so that she can see out.   It’s a big world out there!

beagle chihuahua mix standing on two paws on olive colored background

When Ellie is not going for walks or being chauffeured in her car, she can be found having her ears rubbed by her mom, or chewing on her toy chicken and snuggling on her fluffy blanket.  Pretty sure this cutie pie leads quite the pampered life — as she should!  🙂

profile of beagle chihuahua mix on olive colored background

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