mixed breed dog on lavender three full body shots

Remy is kicking off this week’s blog series featuring Austin Pets Alive! alumni.  She is the perfect candidate for Tongue Out Tuesday as you can see in the photos below.

mixed breed dog with tongue to nose on lavender background tongue out tuesday

mixed breed dog licking chops on lavender background tongue out tuesday

mixed breed dog on lavender background with long tongue out tuesday

Remy showing off for Tongue Out Tuesday.

silly mixed breed dog on lavendar background
When Remy arrived at the studio, we thought for sure that she was at least part Bernese or Swiss Mountain Dog and asked her owner Jen what she is.  Believe it or not, according to a DNA test, one of Remy’s parents was a boxer mix and the other was a American Staffordshire terrier and Pomeranian mix! Whatever she is, she is one happy girl!

mixed breed dog on lavender background with head cocked

Boxer profile

American Staffordshire terrier profile

Pomeranian profile

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog profile

Bernese Mountain Dog profile

Remy, originally named Kona by Austin Pets Alive! was born on April 16, 2014. At just five weeks of age, she and her two siblings were dropped off at Austin Animal Center.  Thankfully the three pups were able to live  in a foster home until they reached an adoptable age.

On June 13, 2014, Remy’s parents found her and fell in love.  They had to wait six long days till they could bring her home.  June 19th couldn’t come soon enough!


As a puppy, Remy loved flip flops — she loved to destroy them!   She also thoroughly enjoyed digging holes in her new yard! Now, at the tender age of two years old, she still enjoy digging holes and destroying things — but she has moved on to her BarkBox toys.

Remy is a very busy girl.  She loves talking to the neighbors’ dogs and chasing anything that doesn’t belong in her yard.   She is also quite social.  She shares her home with four kitties and one ferret.  She LOVES her feline roommates but they don’t always love her back as she can be a bit overbearing.

Remy adores people too, particularly adult people.  She enjoys going with her parents to the local dog parks here in Austin and to all the dog-friendly restaurants here.  For a list of places to dine with your pooch, click here.  Her favorite food?  French fries, of course!

Speaking of french fries, Remy is quite the couch potato.  Her favorite spot is right next to her mom . . . or one of the cats.


If you’d like to follow Remy’s adventure, she is all over her mom’s instagram account.  Check it out  here!

Tune in tomorrow for our next blog with another one of Austin Pets Alive! alumni.  🙂


mixed breed dog on lavendar background

standing mixed breed dog on lavendar background

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