white German shepherd tongue out side view

It’s Tongue Out Tuesday and who better to showcase than Wheels!   Wheels is a white German shepherd, which makes him a rare breed.

White German shepherds cannot be shown for conformation with the AKC due to their color, but they can in other organizations.  Wheels quickly earned the top title for a junior dog with the ICKC and is now an adult champion with that club.  He has also earned his IABCA national and international championships already.  He has almost reached champion status with the UKC and ARBA and has only shown with each club once and against nine other dogs!  We know he’s going to win best in show soon.  He’s only two and a half years old, and he’s just getting started!

Even though Wheels is a show dog, his mom still lets him just be a dog.  There was a time right before a show when Wheels must have stepped into some berries outside and had a pink rear foot.  He still won Reserve Best in Show.   For his nationals, he actually had a huge grease spot on his flank from hanging out in a race car shop.   He still won!  Wheels obviously is not your typical show dog.

white German shepherd on gray background

Love that smile, Wheels!

white German shepherd licking nose

Something smells delicious!

white German shepherd on gray background

white German shepherd laughing

Just can’t keep that tongue in!

white German shepherd full body pose

Happy happy dog!

white German shepherd smiling

These photos were taken when Wheels’ mom brought him and his “brother” to our studio for a pet photography project we were doing to benefit a local animal shelter in Pennsylvania.   Stay tuned to tomorrow’s blog post to see more of Wheels.  🙂

Of course Wheels has his own Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/WheelsTheShepherd/?fref=ts

For further information on White German Shepherds, please see the links below:





And for information on dog shows where you can show your White German Shepherd, look here:



http://www.iabca.com/  (Join them in Houston TX on June 4-5, in San Antonio TX on September 24-25 and in Dallas TX in December)

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